Story of Humanity from an Evolutionist’s Perspective (edited)




How did Life begin?

Well, Evolutionists believe Life started 3.5 billion years ago from a unicellular organism. That organisms then developed into multicellular organisms which lead to the reproduction of a fish to an amphibian, to a reptile, to a ground mammal, to a tree mammal to a bipedal mammal to a human.


The Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages.

Evolutionists believed humans were  to be nothing but hunters and gatherers.  Hunters and gatherers were people who hunted for animals and picked fruit. However, this isn’t biblical for we know that humans were created in the image and likeness of an intelligent God. Adam was taught by God how to farm and care for the animals. In Genesis 4:21 we learn that Tubal- Cain knew how to farm and create musical instruments. And in Genesis 4:22 Tubal-Cain  knew the art of bronze and iron making. Bronze and Iron making is an intelligent art. The Bronze age was the period in time when bronze was used to make tools and weapons. But Bronze making was only possible with smelting. Whereas the Iron Age was when smeling pit designs had advanced to produce higher temperature needed to smelt iron ore.



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