Ignatius of Antioch

Hey everyone, here is another report I had to write for school


Ignatius was a bishop in the church of Antioch. He live from A.D 35 to 107. Back then the Romans thought christians were dangerous to the government. They then captured and condemned Ignatius and claimed him to be killed by a wild beast in an arena. On his way to Rome Ignatius wrote seven letters  six cities received letters to their church. These cities include Philadelphia, Smyrna, Tralles, Magnesia, Ephesus, and Rome. the seventh letter was written to Polycarp who was another leader in the church of Smyrna. In his letters, Ignatius exhorted the Christians to love each other believing strongly that Christians should love one another. He taught Christians to be loyal to each other. Ignatius was killed in an arena in Coliseum by a wild beast before a crowd. But Ignatius was not afraid t die for Christ.


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